"With the Groenewold - NEW MEDIA we have been able to realize a large, very extensive App Mobile Game for iOS and Android.The Groenewold - NEW MEDIA accompanied us with their very high technical know-how in all areas and always gave us that Feeling in good hands Through the previous discussions with the project management and the development department, we were able to work out a detailed concept and thus implement the project quickly and without complications.The Groenewold - NEW MEDIA was in charge of everything from the concept to the final App Store listing Even after the release of the app, the Groenewold - NEW MEDIA with a great support and tips to the side.Aparty in the app business is not only about the development of the app, but also to the care in hindsight and measures to increase the awareness of the app.Therefore we have also consulted in the points SEO and ASO we express once again a big thank you! Also in the future, we will implement our further projects with Groenewold - NEW MEDIA. "

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