February 6

Model driven software development

Models as a means to handle complex issues are an important and established tool in computer science. Models are known both from science and everyday life: they should help to simplify unmanageable, not directly visible or complex issues adequately, that is to reduce them to their relevant characteristics. model descriptions So never represent a complete fact or a functionality, but only one.

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Jan 30

Webshop development - that's what matters

The Online shop is the heart of a company that offers its products or services online. There are other trade channels than your own WebshopBut this undoubtedly brings advantages: The Sales and profits is just higher. However, success depends on two crucial things: the Webshop development and on the Search engine optimization of your own shop.

First questions before creating an online shop

It starts at the beginning.

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December 30

Web Apps - When does their use make sense?

In the development of modern environments, programs and solutions for everyday business, there are many opportunities and challenges today. If a company wants to establish a new platform, it always raises the question of costs, later use and of course the functions. At the same time, decision-makers have to answer crucial questions even before development. This includes, for example, whether you are looking for a Web App,.

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December 20

Radio Ostfriesland App

Groenewold - new media eK is since November 2016 sponsor of the local radio station "Radio Ostfriesland".

As part of the sponsorship, we have developed the Radio Ostfriesland app, with which you also outside the home

can hear their favorite station. Heel wat besünners ....

The apps are available in the Google Play Store and Itunes:


n> ...

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September 26

iOS 10: The 10 most important innovations

The new Operating system fur das Apple iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch iOS 10 is finally here. And this offers the user many useful little but also some major innovations, To mention here is above all the Opening for third partythat from now on the smart Language Assistant Siri and can access the cards. In addition, the new delivers iOS operating system many more new features that are now listed. It also explains how to download and.

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in August 16

App Development - Betting Mr. Moo 2.0

The quiz-app betting Mr. Moo created by us got a bigger update (bet Mr. Moo 2.0). So now Challenges can be created or randomly over a categories

Select slot machine.

More information about the app is available at:


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in August 9

App Development - MAM Babyphone App

The MAM Babyphone App developed by us is becoming increasingly popular. Already within 4 weeks this 40.000 was installed.

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June 26

Basics of App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you want to program an app and then sell it, you need to know the basics of ASO (App Store Optimization). It is here and the younger sister of SEO (search engine optimization), which is rapidly gaining in importance for the App Rating and thus for the sale of apps. The app development without corresponding ASO makes little sense if the apps are to be marketed commercially.

Program app and ASO: the background


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June 26

Android 7.0 Nougat: The new features at a glance

We want a comprehensive overview of the Android 7.0 features give and, where relevant, comparisons too marshmallow lead. In this context, we discuss about the features that are in the new version of Android have appeared.
Nougat in a nutshell

The general feeling of Android is since the Lollipop versionThat the Android OS has become more stable. Less feature flip flopping, with less problems with the performance and.

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