May 15

Age rating in the app stores

Will the App developer seine App in einen App Store he has to take into account many policies that may vary depending on the platform. Of course, there are many overlaps, but there are also individual rules that need to be considered in advance. Furthermore, go through the Apps get on the Apple and Windows Phone Stores a review; There is no review in Android stores, so users can become active when they do.

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May 3

Monetization models for apps

Who visites Apps get on the Stores from Google and Apple generally wants to maximize revenue with his Software to generate. In practice, the Developer the choice between different Monetization models with their respective advantages and disadvantages. In any case, it is important to choose a model suitable for your own product.

Free apps

Most Developer from Apps for the mobile Operating Systems Android and iOS offer their Software.

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May 2

Tips for a successful app development

With a high quality App settles in the stores of Google and Apple reach a large user base and in some cases make a lot of money. But what makes a successful App and what should be considered in the development? The following tips show ways to a successful App development on.

Get an overview of the market offer

One of the most important factors for a successful App Development is the market demand. If in the market no.

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April 25

Reporting on our mobile game Diamond Mash at Newswatch on AMC

Reporting on our mobile game Diamond Mash at Newswatch on AMC

AMC reported about our game Diamond Mash. Look for yourself....

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March 30

What an app programmer can do

The Development one App can lead to a real hit, the App developer can get rich. Accordingly, our mobile devices are not only an important communication tool and fancy toy at the same time, they also provide a career springboard for those who have a Program app can. Sometimes this happens at home in the quiet little room, but more often in the offices of one App Agency, Of course, there are many free ones App.

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March 18

Domain-driven design

Software is rarely an end in itself, but is used as a useful tool in concrete, delimited tasks. This specified application or problem area is called a user domain. This user domain, also referred to as the problem domain, by its limitation specifies the framework in which the tasks to be handled by a software are located. In the development approach of domain-driven design, an application or subject area is tried.

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March 9

Gamification briefly explained

computer are indispensable to today's society. There is hardly a task that can be done without the support of technical equipment. But computers are not the only focus in everyday work. The importance of computers and consoles is also becoming increasingly important when it comes to recreational activities. Computer Games have long been one, more or less in the Society recognized, part of our life. You can forget the reality and into strange worlds.

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March 2

What is eLearning?

Learning by using electronic or digital media is called eLearning, too E-Learning, multimedia didactics, Online Learning or computer-based knowledge transfer. It is not explicitly linked to the provision of online content, but in the year 2017 web-based forms dominate this kind of didactics. Also mixed forms are very common, in which pupils call content online and at the same time use CDs and DVDs. Below are.

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February 21

App development costs

How much is an app?

Wherever your gaze wander, everywhere you will see companies looking for their newest Apps Advertise, read publications about the increasing influence of social media and observe people who seem to stick to their mobile devices.

All while still relying on the traditional form of the site to promote your brand and drive sales. Frustrating, right? Unfortunately there is.

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February 6

Model driven software development

Models as a means to handle complex issues are an important and established tool in computer science. Models are known both from science and everyday life: they should help to simplify unmanageable, not directly visible or complex issues adequately, that is to reduce them to their relevant characteristics. model descriptions So never represent a complete fact or a functionality, but only one.

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