June 3

Payment methods at the online shop

One of the many aspects of service for the customer today is the right offer for payment. Recently, more and more opportunities have developed as customers on the Internet can pay their orders either directly or over time. When integrating these options in the own shop Of course, operators have to pay attention to a few things. Do you want one Online shop For example, the question is how high the.

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June 3


With the development in the mobile market and the many new technologies stand for programmer Of course, many new scenarios are also open. Especially when it comes to Programming from Apps of a different kind, it is more and more common that the Company want to be well advised. After all, not always just customers with one App be satisfied. Especially with one internal use, about one App for networking or for internal.

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May 30

Open online shop - what should be considered?

The Internet as a market place is almost indispensable in modern everyday life. Long been existing for those with little experience who want to establish their own online sales platform, numerous opportunities for entry into the mail order. The advantages are obvious: your own business is permanently accessible via the World Wide Web. The potential customer base increases enormously compared to a local branch. Despite.

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May 29

Open Source: 18 shop systems at a glance

The variety in the market of Shop software is big and growing steadily. Are you looking for a right one Shop agency, you can quickly lose track. Especially for Shop developer is the right choice Shop agency of elementary importance. We want to clear this jungle of the many websites a little bit. For this reason we put in the following 18 different providers for Shop software and make clear which Shop agency itself.

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May 29

Mobile Website Optimization through Responsive Web Design

The increasing popularity of Tablets and a smartphone Already begins to change the basic structures of the Internet. In the meantime, website owners no longer have to worry about a constant stream of new visitors to their marketing, they also have to take care that these new visitors will be happy with their own mobile devices to access the website. Only a few Webseiten were set on it a few months agothat.

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May 27

The emergence of a mobile app: from the idea via the App Store to the smartphone

There are so many in the stores Appsso that the user might think one App development would be possible without problems and done within a few days. On the Internet there are also some instructions, so that even laymen get an overview, like a App can be developed. But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is not just pure development work. All those who go to App developer you want to be able to do that.

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May 24

How to increase revenue with Business Apps?

The market for mobile technologies has experienced a significant boom in recent years. Due to the increased use of the devices like Smartphones and a TabletsNowadays, in almost every household, a significant portion of Internet businesses have moved into that focus. What with private consumers has long been normal, is now also in the business life a role. Here, too, more and more relied on this new technology.

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May 22

My tips - before you open an online store

Who one Online shop want to start successfully, must be well informed in advance and plan from a commercial point of view. The main points of the Webshop Development At this point we would like to list 10 important facts that have to be considered in advance.

Webshop development: 10 important tips in advance

    • Is the idea new? Who one Online shop opened, should check how strong the competition is. Countless business ideas have been on the net already.

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May 21

Usage Scenarios for Location Based Services

The owners of one Smartphones or Tablets you probably noticed that you smartphone a lot of information about your own Location supplies. who GPS services has not deactivated on its own, is informed about the weather in its own region and can use services such as traffic news very flexible. This is just the beginning of a new one Developmentwhich has become a reality thanks to mobile technology. Scenarios that.

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May 20

Possibilities of App Marketing

Meanwhile, almost 50% of all citizens in Germany either have one smartphone or a Tablet, Of course, this new technology means that web site operators, businesses on the Internet, and service providers generally have to adapt to these new needs. In concrete terms, the speech is about the Appsthat is an important reason for the success of mobile technology are. An own App can work for a wide variety of industries and.

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