Rejection of apps from construction kits

No chance for modular apps at Apple
In the past, companies that did not have enough budget to develop their own app application could build iOS apps with an app builder. These iOS apps will no longer be allowed on the App Store under Apple's new policies. For small and medium-sized companies in particular, this means that modular apps are no longer an attractive solution. As more and more existing Apps should be removed from the App Store and blocked, businesses should use their App Solutions Check carefully and revise if necessary.
In the current Apple developer guidelines is noted under point 4.2.6 that programs by template or App generation services created are no longer allowed. This new directive has massive impact especially for small and medium businesses and their existing apps.

Damage limitation for own apps

For companies who currently have a program in the iOS App Store Damage control is the top priority when developing an app kit. Therefore, should not wait until Apple locks the program, but looking for ways to fix the problem. It makes a lot of sense with one programming company or a App developer to contact and to discuss the further possibilities based on your own situation. So the developer can best estimate whether and by what measures their own Companies App continue in App Store can stay. Because for new or existing users, it would be very unpleasant if the program is suddenly locked and can not be downloaded.

Companion providers in the obligation

Before the development of your own App solution It makes sense to contact the construction kit provider. Here you can discuss together how your own data and content can be transferred from the modular principle into another program solution. Since the modular service can not be used in this form, the existing providers should be interested in a solution for their own customers. Therefore, you should definitely contact again and check the user agreement with the appropriate clauses, what happens here in the event of an amendment of the guidelines by Apple. Maybe you can get back a part of the user fees of the kit service and in the further development of Companies App invest.

Develop your own app programs

To be permanently in the iOS app From now on, having Store with a program solution will only help you to develop your own solutions. Although this is on the one hand more expensive than before, but has the advantage that the Companies App not easy to be locked by Apple. Cooperation with one App developers can also help to build on existing contents and functions and to develop them meaningfully.
Smaller companies with similar requirements in particular can come together to develop a programming solution that will only be adapted in details. Thus, developer costs can be saved and it is still possible for small and medium-sized enterprises, a separate App solution offer.

The hour of app developers

But just for Developer are the new guidelines from Apple good news, Because that increases the number of inquiries and programming companies can now work on making cheaper standard solutions accessible to a wider market. In this way, low-cost solutions can be programmed, which are then tailored to the needs of the individual companies, without following the previous modular principle. Thus, resources are used efficiently and also in case of any changes by Apple, the programs are not threatened by a blocking.

The future lies in one's own development

For small and medium-sized businesses, the future of mobile applications is to focus on originality, It makes sense to use the resources specifically for the development of new formats. An in-house development of your own programming solution can also make sense. At first glance, it was financially better to design a smartphone app with a kit. Since this procedure is now not an option in the implementation, your own creativity is in demand. Anyone who relies on the development of their own programs, is on the safe side and can persist permanently in the iOS App Store.

Find alternatives to the company app

If the budget does not allow its own programming solution, a company can ask themselves if it still needs a mobile app at all. If a website is in the responsive Design is present, some functions of the previous mobile application can be displayed there. So it may be possible to decide completely against a smartphone app. Do users really need that so far? Makes the smartphone app so much sense that they are the high development costs justifies? If this is not the case, a decision against it can certainly pay off. For small businesses, it may be worthwhile to be active in social networks and to attract their own users with attractive content. Through representation in social networks you also have the target audience on the smartphone, without having to program your own application.

Content marketing as a strategic solution

Targeted content marketing can help small businesses and start-ups in particular to distribute their products and services online. Because you do not have any programming skills Needs, own marketing and can Social Media Department make sure that your own content ends up on the smartphone. The use of most social networks is basically free. Here are some fees for the targeted delivery of ads added, so that your own content can be distributed even better. But this is also possible on a small budget, thus ensuring a better range. Through targeted networking in social networks, companies can get in better contact with their customers than is often the case in company apps. So you can build a customer loyalty and at the same time clearly save on budget.

Use the app lock as a food for thought for your own digital strategy

In conclusion, it can be said that the current situation with the App suspensions should make Apple affected companies think. It should be clear that the continued use of a modular principle can no longer be a solution. If such a programming solution has been used, companies now have to look for an active solution to the problem. This can either mean that a comparable application can be recreated from existing content and further developed. Or a completely new application is being developed, which is being developed from the ground up technologically.

Another conceivable direction is to completely abandon the development of an app application. This can mean that companies make their websites accessible to smartphones so responsive design that they can all relevant features of the existing app application can be used. Or it turns out that customers and users can cope with significantly fewer functions than previously assumed.
A digital strategy that can be implemented with any budget can be more focused on the Content marketing and storytelling to focus on social networks. Here companies can create relevant content for their target groups and thus get in direct contact. This makes it possible to get directly into social apps on the users' smartphones without additional programming costs and to generate so many relevant touch points. In the best case, Apple's app blocking will cause companies to either create their own creative mobile app solutions or critically question whether each company actually needs its own mobile app. If you do not develop an application that is subject to the policies of a US corporation, you can use the budget for other, more meaningful communication measures in the network.
Especially the own range in contact with the customers in social networks can be easily increased even with a small budget. So you can interact directly with customers and prospects without having to depend on the favor of another provider.

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