The new products from Apple

Regularly in autumn, usually in September, Apple has been presenting the new iPhone generation for years. The iWatch has been added in recent years and this year there is also an updated version of the AppleTV.

Much was already known in advance by the rumor mill or was very realistic, but there was a special feature in this event, namely the place. The current presentation took place this time in the new Steve Jobs Theater, on the grounds of the new headquarters.

A total of four new device generations were presented: Apple TV 4k, iWatch Series 3, iPhone 8 and the new masterpiece iPhone X.

AppleTV 4K

The expansion for the local TV started a few years ago as a hobby. Meanwhile it is AppleTV an integral part of the product lineup. Has grown up AppleTV with the last version, which was the first time the installation of third-party apps was possible. Many were thrilled, but one small thing was painfully missed, namely the playback of videos in 4K format.

With the AppleTV 4K changes that, because the current version can take videos in 4K resolution play. But the new version is not just about more pixels, so a higher resolution. Another innovation is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) color space. This means that images and videos are reproduced with a much greater dynamic range and color. The difference to traditional video material is more than clear, and you can experience and enjoy pictures and videos in extremely vivid and natural colors.

But one thing is clear, because the high 4K resolution and the image reproduction in the HDR color space demand a lot of power from the hardware. That's why Apple is using the new AppleTV 4K on the Apple A10X Fusion chip, which already performs well in the iPad Pro. The bottom line is that the graphics chip used here is the power of the current one AppleTV 4K increased compared to the previous model around the 4 times.

If 4K, then please also with the appropriate content. Here, Apple surprises and meets its customers. Many current films from the leading studios are already in the high 4K resolution available - without surcharge, so the price of the normal HD variant. This is a surprise, because in the run-up to the rumors kitchen significant price jumps were expected. What's more, customers who have bought HD movies in the past can use the new one (if available) Stream AppleTV 4K directly into 4K - a new purchase is not necessary.

In addition to AppleTV 4K was also announced that will soon be available in different countries, the TV app. In this app, several TV channels are summarized, so that you can also experience a regular television program on the AppleTV. In addition, Apple has entered into an agreement with Netflix to make 4K content available at the launch of the new AppleTV 4K, and Amazon Prime Video will slow down towards the end of the year.

Prices & availability

From the 15. September you can pre-order the new AppleTV 4K, and from the 22. September is delivered. The prices are compared to the previous model with 179 Euro for the 32 GB variant and 219 Euro for the 64 GB variant almost the same. A closer look reveals that the variant with 32 GB memory has even become cheaper by 10 Euro. For all those for whom 4K is irrelevant: The previous version remains in the program until further notice, and can now be purchased for 159 Euro.

Apple iWatch Series 3

There is hardly a product that splits people so much. Some love them iWatchOthers do not know what to do with her. Practically everyone has their opinion of iWatch - too short battery life, too angular, too clunky, too slow, too few apps. But the patience of Apple, and the first improvements in the iWatch Series 2 have given the smartwatch a boost. More and more carriers of an iWatch can be seen in the wild. But a criticism remained, namely the connection to the iPhone as a basic requirement to use all functions.

This also changes with the Apple iWatch Series 3, because the current version receives one integrated LTE modem, This makes the new iWatch independent of the iPhone. Especially in sports, this can be more than pleasant, if you do not have to take the iPhone everywhere.

Otherwise, not much has changed. The design has remained the same. Although the new model on the back has become a bit thicker, you can continue to use the existing bracelets. The only noticeable difference is a red dot on the Digital Crown. The antenna for the LTE modem is integrated in the display.

Remains the sim card. Normal smartphones today rely on one Micro or Nano SIM card, But even the Nano SIM card would be too big for the iWatch. That is why in the iWatch Series 3 on a new eSIM card set. This makes the new iWatch a complete receiver for data and phone calls. Further details on the function and the costs were not mentioned, and are currently not available. Currently only known is that in Germany the telecom as a partner for the iWatch Series 3 will be active.

On the outside, hardly anything has changed, but inside the new IWatch Series 3 has done a lot. Is installed according to Apple around 70 percent fast S3 dual-processor, and a new W2 chip. This is responsible for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The new W2 chip is up to 85% faster than the previous version and at the same time the power consumption is up to 50% below the predecessor model. In addition, a barometric altimeter was installed, so that a height determination is possible without GPS - which in turn has a positive effect on electricity consumption.

One thing is to be noted: The iWatch Series 3 comes in two variants, because the LTE version is an option. This means that there is the iWatch Series 3 as GPS and as GPS + Cellular version. This is important to know, because in the GPS + Cellular version is twice as much memory (18 GB) installed. Regarding the battery life Apple continues to call "up to 18 hours". These are the same values ​​as the Series 1. However, battery life can dramatically decrease with intensive LTE usage. From up to 1 hour runtime is spoken here.

Prices & availability

From the 15. September 2017 can pre-order the iWatch Series 3. Again, the delivery starts from the 22. September. The GPS version starts at 369 Euro, the GPS + Cellular version starts at 449 Euro. Only the iWatch Series 3 and the iWatch Series 1 are currently available on the website. Therefore, it can be assumed that the current version replaces the Series 2. The iWatch Series 1 is now available from 269 Euro, and also comes with the new features of Watch 4.

iPhone 8

At first glance, the new model looks like the predecessor. But a closer look makes it clear that a lot has happened. In particular, the back is immediately noticeable, because this is again completely made of glass - and there is a good reason.

But first the obvious. At the housing dimensions hardly anything changed and the Screen diagonals are 4,7 inches, or with 5,5 inches specified. The currently available colors are Space Gray, Silver and Gold. The colors have disappeared: rose gold, red and black.

What's new is that the front and back are made of glass again. Apple claims to use the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone. The reason: wireless charging.

This has been wildly speculated in advance, including the fact that Apple will set its own proprietary standard here. But far from it, because Apple relies on the technology "Qi", which has now established itself as something of a standard. Even today, there are a variety of good and cheap charging options, up to Ikea furniture, in which Qi loading platforms are installed. In the future, it is to be expected that there will also be such loading platforms as a service offering both in public spaces (cafés, airports, railway stations, etc.), and also that charging facilities in vehicles will be installed.

Charging by cable is still possible, and even offers a quick charge function. With a corresponding power supply, it is thus possible to charge the smartphone within only 30 minutes to 50%.

Also with the inner values ​​a lot has happened. Will be installed in the current iPhone 8 a new A11 Bionic chip with six cores. This makes the new model fast, very fast, and after a recent benchmark test, the new iPhone 8 is faster than any Android smartphone.

This power is needed in the area of ​​photo and video, and here it scores iPhone 8 again. 4K recordings, which also look gorgeous on the new AppleTV 4K, are now being shot at 60 frames per second, and slow motion shots are now possible in 1080p format with truly impressive 240 frames per second.

But the iPhone 8 Plus offers even more. Due to the two cameras installed here and a lot of computing power, it is possible to record different image levels. For example, in a portrait, the face and the background are recorded separately, so that either the background can be completely hidden, or faces can be subsequently reworked with different lighting situations. The examples shown in the presentation were more than impressive. Responsible for this is an area in the A11 chip, for which the name Bionic was chosen. This is a module that uses machinelearning to enhance images and also deliver impressive results in videos.

Prices & availability

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus can be found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the 15. Pre-order September. Again, the delivery starts from the 22. September. From this day, the iPhone 8 will also be available in stores.

One more thing ... iPhone x

For months, there were the wildest rumors that not only revolved around the new iPhone, but early it was speculated that Apple may even present two new models. After a very detailed presentation of the iPhone 8, Tim Cook re-entered the stage and spoke the words Steve Jobs was legendary for, "We have ... one more thing!"

After 10 years iPhone presents Apple now the Smartphone, which is to be trend-setting for the coming decade. Virtually all of the technology currently available has been used and linked to Apple's innovative operating system to define a new standard.

Everything from the iPhone 8 can also be found in the iPhone X again. But even the first impression makes it clear that a lot is different. The display is larger than the iPhone 8 Plus, but the form factor is more or less normal iPhone 8, That happens when you enter 5,8 inch OLED display installed. Not only does this display offer a lot of space, it also offers a brilliant color display with HDR support and a Super Retina resolution of 2.436 x 1.125 pixels - at 458 pixels per inch (ppi).

The back of the iPhone X comes with a glass back, because even this model can be wirelessly charged via the Qi standard. But one thing immediately catches the eye, because the home screen is missing due to the large display. One of the big innovations in the iPhone X is Face ID. For this purpose, in the upper part of the display in a recess all the technology has been installed, which is currently available: infrared camera, infrared illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speakers, microphone, 7 megapixel camera and a point projector.

For Face ID, the infrared camera, the infrared illuminator and the point projector are used. This combination allows 3D facial recognition, which instantly recognizes its owner and releases the phone accordingly. It does not matter whether you wear glasses or change something on the hairstyle, Face ID is supposed to reliably recognize the face of the owner. They've been working to keep the system from being tricked with a photo during the development, and Hollywood professional makeup artists have been hired to make lifelike masks. But neither the photo nor the masks could fool Face ID.

Prices & availability

The big question in the run-up was: Will Apple crack the 1.000 Euro brand? Yes, because that iPhone X 65 GB will cost 1.149 Euro in Germany, and the 256 GB iPhone X version will cost 1.319 Euro. Starting with the 27.10.2017, the phone can be ordered from Apple, mobile service providers and authorized retailers. The date for delivery and sales start is with the 3. November 2017 specified.

Important note about iOS 11

All new devices are running the new one iOS 11and the new operating system iOS 19.09.2017 can be installed on suitable devices starting with the 11.

But beware: Not all programs will run under this operating system. Responsible here is one Conversion to 64 bit applications, All apps that do not support this will be under iOS 11 stop working.

Already since the last update you get a hint when starting the app, or in the section Settings / General / Info / Apps you get an overview of all programs that will not run anymore.

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