Tips for a successful app development

With a high quality App settles in the stores of Google and a Apple reach a large user base and in some cases make a lot of money. But what makes a successful App and what should be considered in the development? The following tips show ways to a successful App development on.

Get an overview of the market offer

One of the most important factors for a successful App Development is the market demand. If there is no demand in the market or it is already served by numerous competitors, it is bad for the prospects of success of the own app, Therefore, it is already before the beginning of Development to get an overview of the market. These include such simple steps as relevant ones Keywords to App in the search of the different ones App stores like that Play Store from Google or App Store from Apple enter.
The analysis of the offers of the competition is always the first step towards a own product: Where are the strengths of the others AppsWhat features are still missing from the competitors and could be from the own app Tobe offered? Are the offers available to the competition as free downloads or are they subject to a charge? Which download numbers do the competitors achieve with their products? The analysis should be as systematic as possible. It is important to gather as much data about the competing products as possible. This makes it easy to see where niches are opening up and whether there is any demand for another app in a specific area.
Also important is the name of the app. It is not very helpful if your own app is exactly the same as the competitor's offers. The name must be distinctive and at the same time immediately reveal what the app is about. The developer should therefore take a close look at how comparable applications in the store are called and are differentiated.

The strengths of your own App work out

The customer benefit is always in the foreground. Therefore, it is important to emphasize and expand the own strengths of the app. The customer should be on the product page in the Store Immediately recognize what the App can and what features they feature. Apps are often developed for a narrowly defined field of application such as navigation, health improvement or learning. It therefore makes little sense to want to cover all conceivable functions.
Decisive here is the so-called unique selling point. This is a featured feature of Appthat no other competitor can match. This is the seat of the App immediately from the market and is perceived in the eyes of store visitors as something special. The unique selling point must be understandable for everyone to formulate in a sentence. Applications with many features, the benefits of which are unclear, and where no feature stands out, are generally much less successful.

Marketing does its own App visible

Programming a technically clean app with real added value is already difficult enough, but it's not enough for success. If the visitors of the store know nothing of the existence of their own product, only small numbers of downloads will result. For this reason, effective marketing is indispensable for the success of your own app. In the App stores Many millions of offers are already registered, and every day numerous new developments are added. Without a corresponding marketing budget, it can easily happen that your own App im Store goes down.
successful App Marketing is cross-media and should not be limited to advertising banners or ads in videos on the Internet. Also offline about in newspapers or flyers can be advertising for the own app be made. The aim of the marketing measures must always be on the top spots in the market App ranking to get in the respective stores. People who are there will be watched and downloaded more often and will be able to assert themselves better on the market.

The user of App learn to understand

The App can only fulfill its usefulness for the user if the Developer knows the user exactly. Analyzing the target group is therefore one of the daily tasks of good App developers, For example, the recognition of patterns in usage behavior is interesting. At what time of day will the App most commonly used? There are seasonal dependencies in the App usage? Which age group is most interested in mine App? Is that coming App better at women or men? Of interest is also whether the App should appeal to technically affine or technically inexperienced users. The useful life should also be kept in mind. Will the App used for only a few minutes or even seconds a day, or linger for several hours in the user App? In any case, the developer should know on which platform his App enjoys the greatest popularity. Here it must be distinguished whether the App For example, it is mainly used on a smartphone or tablet. Based on this data, an adjustment of functions can then be made or the Marketing to be realigned.

An intuitive user guidance is indispensable

A App In the long term, success can only be achieved if the user knows immediately what he has to do. The development of a user interface that is intuitive to use and at the same time provides access to all important functions and settings is an art. Design and user interface influence each other. An appealing Design invites the user to use the App The clear user interface provides access to the many different functions of the App, The applications usually work without instructions, so the user has to understand at first glance how he uses them App must use. Here it is helpful to look at the products of other vendors working on applications with a similar function and target group. Conversely, even the most interesting App Shuns customers with poor user guidance in no time and drives them to the competition. Of particular importance is the user interface for products that meet a large market competition. The users must first lured away from other products and to the own app be bound. Here, the user interface must be perfectly designed to minimize the changeover hurdles.
Large buttons, short and concise labels and a reduction of the contents to the essential draw a good App surface out. In any case, the should App a test group so that errors and problems can be detected even before publication. The design of the user interface is therefore associated with intensive work.

Care of the App after release

A fast and competent support plays a significant role in the success of one App, Users need to know that Developer They are always ready to contact you if there is a problem and quickly seeks a solution. After Publishing an app So the work continues and continues to provide professional support.
For the correct planning of the support must be the Developer about Lifespan of his app be clear. A Appwhich is to be offered over many years requires a different support than a timely heavily limited app, Some Apps For example, they are flanked by a major sporting event and provide information about a World Cup or comparable event. Here, support usually does not have to be planned for the long term. Good support is also important if the app is used by the user in a productive environment. A scheduler for business people in App form For example, technically it should always be up to date, user requests must be answered quickly.
Furthermore, the should Developer early an idea of ​​it develophow the long-term plan for the Introduction of new functions for his App should look like. This is also referred to as roadmap in practice. It is also conceivable that an initially only app developed for smartphones will be provided on other platforms at a later date. After the leek, the developer should always take note of the customer reviews in the store and evaluate. He often receives the best ideas for improvements and new features from the customers.

Tips for monetization

In general, the developer wants one App earn money with this someday. Already in the development phase it should be planned, which revenue possibilities can be opened with the app. Here are several models to choose from. The app can be offered free of charge in the store, revenues are then generated via advertising or in-app purchases. Paid applications are also possible, which have to be paid in the store before downloading.
Free offers have the undeniable advantage that they generally reach higher download numbers. Although the provider waives a direct payment, but later can generate revenue through other means. The main advantage is in the higher dissemination of the appwhich will be installed on a larger number of devices than is the case with paid services. Basically, in niche products with probably very small user base and high development effort, a paid application is often the better choice. If a large group of users is desired, a free model can make sense.

Quality control is an integral part of App development

Quality control is important not only for physical products such as electronic devices. It also belongs to one successful app development, Software is a sophisticated product, bugs and other application problems can drive users out quickly. A professional and as complete as possible quality control is therefore essential for the success of the company. Here, above all, the behavior of the App to test on different systems. Does the App still if they are on one smartphone with an older version of Android or iOS is installed? We react mine Game app on mobile devices with lower-performance or older graphics? Only testing on as many different devices as possible helps here.

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