FAQ - The most important answers to your questions

Different customers often do the same over and over again ask, Our FAQ has the most important answers to your questions!

  • Do you also create a design for my software?

    At project startup, mockups are first created, which a designer / graphic artist translates into an appealing design. The designer / graphic artist is provided by us, but you are also welcome to have your own design created by a designer / graphic artist of your choice and send it to us in the form of a multi-level Photoshop file.

  • I would like to have direct contact with the developer. Is that possible?

    In that sense, you are welcome to talk directly with the developer about project, change requests, bugs, extensions, etc. communicate.

  • Do you develop in-house or abroad?

    We develop completely in-house. No development work is outsourced abroad or to other companies.

  • Which services do you offer?

    We offer development of software as well as constant support, development and maintenance of your IT systems and software. These include eg shop systems such as Magento or xtCommerce, websites based on a CMS such as Wordpress, Contao, Typo3 and Joomla or individual programming, desktop applications and mobile applications. We also gladly take over the maintenance of your servers or offer you a hosting on our servers.

  • Idea for a software, but still no concept.

    No problem, we not only program your software, but also support you in the planning and design phase.

  • I have already developed a software, but the developer is no longer available.

    Insofar as the source code is available, the further development of your existing software should not be a problem. Contact us and we discuss the further procedure.

  • Which operating systems do you develop for?

    We develop in the desktop area for Mac OSX and Windows as well as in the mobile area for the operating systems iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10.

  • Which programming languages ​​do you use?

    In the web area we currently use PHP, Java and Node.js. In the desktop and mobile area on Objective-C, Swift, Java, C ++ and C #.

  • Do you also develop hybrid apps?

    Yes, we also develop hybrid apps, primarily using Marmalade and Xamarin. If the budget does not matter or it is feasible for your budget, we clearly recommend the native development. Only with a native development can the full potential of the mobile system be exploited and you are independent of third-party providers.

  • How much is the development of an app?

    The costs for an app development start at approx. 1800 Euro + VAT. There are no limits to the top. Get in contact with us and we will make you a non-binding offer.

  • Do you test your software?

    Our software is tested under the common browsers and target systems. In the mobile sector, we have a balanced mix of current and older smartphones available for testing their app. However, it is imperative that you as the client also test the software and notify us of any change requests.

  • I do not only need the development, but also constant support and development of my software.

    No problem, we are happy to serve and develop your software in the longer term.

  • Do you post the source code after development?

    In general, we provide you with the source code after full payment.

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