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"Groenewold - NEW MEDIA has already successfully implemented several projects of various sizes, including both iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets, and the team has always been competent as a project manager with expertise in mobile development and the idiosyncrasies of The team is equally flexible, so that spontaneous changes or new requests from the customer could be implemented in a timely manner Groenewold - NEW MEDIA has become a permanent partner in software development for me. "

customer Feedback
Christian Förster
Babelforce GmbH

"I have already successfully implemented several projects with the Groenewold - new media team, and it is always fun to work with the motivated team, and when problems arise during a project, they are always seen as a challenge to be swift and professional as well as find a solution! On further good cooperation and exciting projects! "

customer Feedback
Dennis Veer
Acventis GmbH

"The cooperation with Groenewold New Media was very good, we implemented an app as a navigation area for the presentation of videos and the order was executed reliably, quickly and very customer-oriented, taking into account all specifications."

customer Feedback
Dominic Giesel
Condair GmbH

"Groenewold - NEW MEDIA has accompanied, designed and supervised the internet area of ​​the museum village for years, including the operation of the website, but also the hosting, maintenance and development of the open source digital asset management system Entermedia Museums is available for editing anywhere. "

customer Feedback
Dr. Karl-Heinz Ziessow
Deputy Museum Director

"Working with Groenewold - New Media was unorthodox in several ways: it was not about the usual app functional contexts, it was about making an entire ERP system mobile, offline, and ergonomically optimized, and hanging with it - The app developers could not stay with each other, but had to operate in a mixed team with "old-school" business application people - and finally - the whole thing not along a short and crisp project of a few months, but in the course of a multi-year and multi-stage This would not have happened to everyone and the result can be seen. "

customer Feedback
Dr. Oliver Düßmann

"We have implemented our first project with Groenewold - NEW MEDIA and are very satisfied with the development of an iOS app for reading and visualizing sensor data via Bluetooth." Groenewold supported us in the planning and afterwards The collaboration was excellent and always fun because the staff has very good expertise and good ideas for implementation, and the result is exactly what we had in mind very much to be recommended! "

customer Feedback
Franziska Näpelt
IDT Europe GmbH

"With the Groenewold - NEW MEDIA we have been able to realize a large, very extensive App Mobile Game for iOS and Android.The Groenewold - NEW MEDIA accompanied us with their very high technical know-how in all areas and always gave us that Feeling in good hands Through the previous discussions with the project management and the development department, we were able to work out a detailed concept and thus implement the project quickly and without complications.The Groenewold - NEW MEDIA was in charge of everything from the concept to the final App Store listing Even after the release of the app, the Groenewold - NEW MEDIA with a great support and tips to the side.Aparty in the app business is not only about the development of the app, but also to the care in hindsight and measures to increase the awareness of the app.Therefore we have also consulted in the points SEO and ASO we express once again a big thank you! Also in the future, we will implement our further projects with Groenewold - NEW MEDIA. "

customer Feedback
Anna Lensch & Stephan Hampel
CEOs |

"The company Groenewold - new media has commissioned us to program the messenger Yooyuu for iOS and Android devices.The competent team brought along their own ideas and improvements throughout the development process, so that Yooyuu ultimately became a great product for our customers We hope to continue our good cooperation and great joint projects. "

customer Feedback
Jens Dahmer
YooYuu GmbH

"Just a few months ago, I got to know Mr. Groenewold and his team and commissioned the programming of a health app for iOS and Android, which worked well from the start, so that I have now commissioned Groenewold - new media with a second project. I look forward to many more projects and years of very good cooperation! "

customer Feedback
Martin Rother
Rother GmbH

"The company Groenewold - NEW MEDIA has developed a plug-in for a Cordova / Phonegap project on our behalf, the cooperation was exemplary, the result was exactly in line with the specifications and the documentation is clear and understandable and we look forward to further cooperation in future projects. "

customer Feedback
Rolf Dohrmann
Software Developer / Rösler Software Engineering

"The company Groenewold - new media was highly recommended by our partners and after a few short discussions, we commissioned Groenewold - new media to program our APP for iOS and Android with various radio channels as well as an interactive handset feedback function, all very professional, fast and reliable The handling was so professional that the company Groenewold - new media was not an external company for us, but a part of our radio station.We have due to the great cooperation and satisfaction also a maintenance contract and we are sure that we are in good hands! "

customer Feedback
Serkan Yilmaz
Metropolitan FM

"Groenewold - NEW MEDIA realized the zeta2mobile for iOS app for Zeutschel GmbH for connecting iPhones and iPads to Zeutschel book scanners in the zeta series (zeta, chrome) .The development covered W-LAN connectivity, multilingualism, support for PDF and The functionality required was flexibly implemented within the framework of Apple's sometimes strict technical specifications and responded in a flexible manner to details that could only be fully clarified in the course of the simultaneous two-sided, cross-system development.We can now confirm that the app is from our Users are grateful to Groenewold - NEW MEDIA and hope for continued good cooperation. "

customer Feedback
Mathias Ronge
Software Development / Zeutschel GmbH