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May 7

App Support Contract: Benefits and Costs

After several years of experience in app development, we can claim with some justification that apps basically need support. At most these are "dead" apps that nobody uses anymore. But as long as an app is retrieved from the stores and used, it needs a care and must be further developed. It occasionally gets new features and also has basic support needs that need to be covered. That can be with one.

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March 21


Marketing for your mobile app: 18 strategies for more downloads hundreds Apps are placed daily in the market stores of Apple, Android and Co. To stand out, a professional appearance is just as important as internationalization, cross promotion and a comprehensive launch kit. I'll put 18 successful strategies for you successful app marketing before.

1. Press Kit for the launch

Have you published a new mobile app on the App Store,.

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March 18

iOT App Development - Cost and Process

For some years, the Internet has been attracting more and more attention from a wide variety of people. Almost everyone has heard of the industry 4.0. Due to this enormous technical progress, questions keep coming up, such as how such an app's development process looks like or how expensive the development of an app is. In this post you will be answered the most important information about the topic.


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March 13

How much is a chatbot?

In times when social media such as Facebook, Instagram and various messenger services are becoming increasingly important, the demands on companies to be constantly and everywhere reachable. Of course, this is hard to implement with human resources. However, it is different with the use of, which users can be available around the clock for answers to a variety of questions. How these are developed and what costs.

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Jan 20

Silicon Valley Tour

After numerous visits to Silicon Valley, our owner, Björn Groenewold, decided to offer himself to customers and interested people traveling to the Valley, bringing them closer to the prevailing corporate and startup culture. If you are interested in traveling to Silicon Valley, visit our Silicon Tours website and secure yourself one of the coveted seats!

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September 4

The most important innovations in iOS 12

Apple iOS 12: The most important innovations at a glance In June, Apple presented at the keynote the first beta version of the new operating system iOS 12, which can be tested since then for free. The release of the final version was still announced for the fall, but you can expect from mid-September. Like any new Apple operating system, iOS 12 will bring a number of new features. Which these are, with which devices the new ones.

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in August 17

App Development - YooYuu App

We at Groenewold NEW MEDIA eK have taken on the programming of an innovative app for YooYuu GmbH and are looking forward together to have taken another step in digitization. The YooYuu app is an intelligent messenger that helps improve communication and organization within companies and projects.

For example, it is possible to present the complete organization with departments, teams, employees and in groups.

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June 27

MAM app exceeds the 300 thousand downloads

We at Groenewold NEW MEDIA are pleased to announce that the MAM App over 2 years more than 300.000 times was downloaded. We have been able to develop this practical app for our customer MAM. A great success that we want to share with you and MAM.

We are pleased that the app is so well received by the customers, because after all, we helped diligently with the development of the native app. So users of the developed by us.

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November 22

Rejection of apps from construction kits

No chance for modular apps at Apple In the past, companies that did not have enough budget to develop their own app application could build iOS apps with an app builder. These iOS apps will no longer be allowed on the App Store under Apple's new policies. For small and medium-sized companies in particular, this means that modular apps are no longer an attractive solution. As more and more existing Apps out.

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