myHomezone App - Development for iOS and Android

Provider independent landline phone number as an app

Myhomezone24 is a provider independent landline phone number app on a smartphone. With the MyHomezone24 app, you're always available anywhere in Germany on a landline number in addition to your mobile number. If the caller of your MYHOMEZONE24 "number has a landline flatrate, the call is free for him. For you, the call as a result of a MYHOMEZONE24 "call is also free, as long as you have a fixed-rate flatrate or an all-net flatrate and are registered in a German mobile network. You can always call mobile with your mobile phone, but you do not need to reveal your mobile number. Also with a change of your mobile number you remain under your well-known MYHOMEZONE24 "number mobile attainable! The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

  • Customer:LineCall GmbH
  • Requirements:native development for iOS and Android

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