Mobile POS system for parking

Ticket control and cash register in one app

For our customer, we have developed a mobile cashier based on Android.

The cashier can check already validated tickets for validity. Likewise, a new ticket can be issued and printed out via the connected BLE printer and receipt. Received amounts are recorded in the cash book and sent to the end of the day at the corresponding backend. Payment can be made either in cash or by debit / credit card. Basically, a permanent connection to the server is provided. However, an offline mode has been implemented for security, so that the operation continues to be guaranteed even with a server or Internet malfunction

  • Customer:Traffic Watch Dusseldorf
  • Requirements:Native app programming for Zebra handhelds, connection of a BLE printer and creation of compliant receipts, integration of a card payment terminal incl. Connection to the clearing service provider
  • Website:

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