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App development is currently differentiating between three different types of applications: the native app, the web app, and the hybrid app. While the native app is development for certain platforms in the mobile technology market, the web apps are mostly made available based on the browser.

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The hybrid app should combine the two advantages of the other forms in the best case and ensure the best result. Or at least in some projects most likely to apply. Therefore, not only do developers have a wide range of options in their projects today, but they also have to adapt to the needs of their customers.

The days when you simply rely on an Android app or an iOS app are over. Overarching developments for platforms have become the deciding factor, not only to reach as many users as possible, but also, if in doubt, to reach customers. If you want to program an iOS app, you also have to program an Android app. Or does one prefer to create an app that works on both platforms without having to be specially developed for the app?

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